London (Marylebone) – Metropolitan Bar

JD Wetherspoon might not surprise and delight everyone, but they certainly do have some pubs located in beautiful and historic buildings. This is the former Chiltern Court Restaurant within Baker Street underground railway station, which has also been used by the railway network. It’s named after the Metropolitan Railway, which was the first passenger-carrying designated underground railway and it operated between 1863 and 1933.

It wasn’t very busy and I only went in to get out of the heat. It was all clean, well presented and comfortable, with the helpful advantage of having lots of power outlets.

The most delightful element about this pub, although there were numerous, was that it was freezing cold because of that air conditioning by the window. This was quite marvellous and I very much appreciated it, as I may have mentioned to numerous people that London at the moment is too hot. The drink was £1.10, a Dalston’s fizzy rhubarb and this apparently contains real British rhubarb. So, with my refreshing drink with ice along with the air conditioning chucking out cold air, I was quite settled.

I didn’t see much of the staff, just the drink that I ordered on the app being dropped off. They seemed friendly enough though, it was a relaxed environment and it would have normally been much busier than this. It might take the pub many more months to return to how busy it was, the number of rail passengers and the reduced number of tourists in the capital seems to be taking its toll on many pubs.

As an aside, and I’ll let those interested read more about a little incident (well, quite a major incident really) that the pub had in their toilets a few years ago….