London – Havering (Borough of) – Romford – Romford Brewery Company

The Brewery in Romford today is a shopping centre and entertainment complex, but this was once a brewery that operated over a large site.

To be fair, the brewery seems to have taken up most of central Romford. It was founded at the beginning of the eighteenth century and was initially part of the Star Inn pub. Makes sense to run a brewery if you have your own pub to sell it in. It was also handily located next to a river, the River Rom which the town was named after, as well as having good transportation links.

The brewery traded until 1993, but the site was redeveloped and re-opened as a shopping centre and entertainment complex in 2001.

Housing has also now been constructed on the site.

The frontage of the brewery on the High Street, which was historically the main road that went through Romford.

The former entranceway to what was known as the Star Brewery for much of its life (due to the pub it was once attached to), with some interesting photos at

The old brewery gates have been cleaned up and kept, a permanent reminder of what was once here.