London – Havering (Borough of) – Romford – Church of St Edward the Confessor

This church is located in the market-place of Romford and there has been a religious building here for centuries as the main parish church. The current building dates only to 1849 and was designed by John Johnson, with the previous structure from the early fifteenth century being demolished.

Edward the Confessor (1003-1066) was a King of England and he was made a saint, perhaps one of the more controversial appointments if I’m being honest. But, to be fair, it was several centuries ago and it’s hard to reverse these things now.

Interesting entrance way.

The design is a little different to many other churches, quite an imposing frontage and the spire is 162 feet in height.

The side of the church and it appears impossible to get to the rear of the building now, but the area behind is still a green. There was a load of scaffolding being taken in and out of the church when I was meandering around, so I felt best not to try and get in. There are though apparently some older monuments inside which are from the previous building.

Some of the older gravestones remain in the churchyard, although few of them are now readable.