King’s Lynn – 2 St Ann’s Street

This property is one of many reasons that King’s Lynn is so interesting historically, so many buildings with a long heritage that have survived the centuries. Much of this is because King’s Lynn was a relatively large town that never really grew rapidly, so there wasn’t the constant upgrading and rebuilding of structures.

The building is now used as a shop and residential property, but was originally constructed in the late fourteenth century. The surround on the left-hand side of the building, going towards the rear courtyard, is from the nineteenth century, from a similar period to the shop frontage, which is from the mid-nineteenth century. The listed building record notes that “the interior was not accessible at time of the review but likely to be of considerable interest” and that sounds entirely sound given the long history of the structure.

In many towns, a fourteenth-century building such as this might be seen as the pride of the area, but here, it’s just another historic building. All very lovely.