Kettering – Marketplace Timeline

I like this idea of having a timeline made out of stones in the market place of Kettering, encouraging people to be reminded about the town’s history. This stone, where the wording was apparently a little botched by the local council, told the interesting story of Geoff Perry and Derek Slater with their remarkable efforts at Kettering Grammar School to launch a successful Satellite Tracking Group.

The borough council has decided that nothing sufficiently exciting happened between 1966 and the space exploration story until 1991, when the A14 opened. I’m sure this was important in improving transport in the area, and reducing congestion in the town centre, but perhaps more other stories could have been found.

The most recent addition by the council is from 2014, marking when the Anglian Regiment was presented with the Freedom of the Borough of Kettering, which is a rather nice gesture. Quite why nothing has been added in honour to James Acaster is a different matter, but hopefully the council will reflect on this in years to come.