Isle of Skye – Fairy Pools

I posted earlier a few photos of the bravery of Scott and Liam in climbing up the various elements of the Fairy Pools, which was a sequence of waterfalls. The rest of us didn’t make that brave climb on rocks through the middle of the waterfalls in case we fell in, we just walked alongside. Richard and Andrew were hoping that Scott fell in, but I didn’t tell anyone that. I think it was Richard and Andrew hoping that, but perhaps it was me.

Known locally as the Lòin nan Sìthichean, these waterfalls and caves are apparently popular with those who like wild swimming and diving, but I can imagine that the water isn’t exactly tropical in temperature even if it is in appearance. And so, lots more photos, including a photo of a couple having wedding photos. A lovely background, but a bit of a traipse in wedding finery to get to them.