Below is the ‘fascinating’ (OK, it’s not that fascinating I admit) story of my travels around the world over the last few years. I’m conscious that there is so much more to visit, and I’ll do my best to carry on travelling as much as I can. I wouldn’t take anything too seriously, because I’ve rarely managed to….. The image above is of Santa Monica Pier, in California, taken in January 2018.

My pub of the year in 2019, the Hop and Vine in Hull, who kindly put this on their board   🙂

My favourite quote of 2020 is from Ibis Warszawa Ostrobramska“The free welcome beverage of any drink other than champagne and spirits doesn’t mean any drink other than champagne and spirits, it means you can have a small beer or wine”.



Florence, Italy

Bucharest, Romania

Acton, UK

Warsaw, Gdynia, Gdansk, Torun, Kielce, Bialystok, Poland


2013-2018 Index of Visits  :  2019 Index of Visits

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