Hoveton – St. Peter’s Church

Unusually, this church was built in the early part of the seventeenth century, in 1624. Its location, near to Hoveton Hall, seems to suggest it was more constructed for the country house rather than for the people of Hoveton. They also didn’t need a church, they already had St. John’s which was actually near to the settlement of Hoveton.

There is the possibility that the settlement of Hoveton St. Peter might have been larger and once had a church of its own, but no-one is quite sure where this might have been located.

The building itself was ‘modernised’ internally in the 1880s, but externally, the church is nearly entirely unchanged since it was built.

The only change to the building is that the north door has been blocked, but the thatched roof remains and this feels like a little bit of a hidden treasure in the Norfolk countryside.