Hoveton – St. John’s Church

The parish church of Hoveton is a short walk from the village centre, now dominated by Roys of Wroxham. The nave of the church dates to the late eleventh century, with the chancel being a little later and was finished at the end of the thirteenth century. The church was once alone at the top of a small hill that overlooked the village, but more modern building development has brought it into an urban setting.

The brick tower was constructed in the 1760s.

There are a few architectural styles here and the chancel door on the south side of the church has been bricked up, probably relatively early on.

The church was modernised in 1890 under the supervision of HJ Green and in August 1889 the EDP mentioned the fund-raiser that was taking place to secure funds for this. There was a military band, lawn tennis, fish ponds, photography, fortune-telling, an art gallery, concerts and refreshments. That’s some considerable effort for a church bazaar, I’m impressed.