Hardley – Hardley Mill

Hardley Mill is located off of the Wherryman’s Way and was constructed in 1874 for Sir Thomas Proctor Beauchamp.

The 1874 construction date is visible on the stone tablet, with Beauchamp residing at Langley Hall, which is now used by Langley School.

The mill was used until 1950 and at that time the Internal Drainage Board abandoned the building and it might have easily become derelict and lost. The mill was saved by Peter Grix and other volunteers who in 1981 were able to save it from falling down, slowly restoring it and making it operational once more.

The sign notes that this is one of the original doors from the top of the turbine well.

The windmill looks quite graceful on the Norfolk Broads, with the cap being added back to the top in 2009 as the previous one had effectively fallen off. Although the ongoing health issue meant that it was closed when we walked by, the mill is often open for tours and there’s a visitor centre here as well which can provide snacks and drinks.