Drayton – Village Cross

This market cross in the centre of Drayton is one of the oldest structures in the town, rightfully a listed monument as it’s from the fourteenth century. It was restored, albeit a little crudely, in 1879 and bronze plaques were attached. It’s a little tucked away under the trees, but it is of some considerable historic note and it’s another one of those pieces of architecture that I’m surprised has survived the centuries.

The original French inscription was visible in the nineteenth century, but it has mostly faded now. It did say:

“Vous che prie pur l’am William de Bellomont, === Johanne sa femme, === Pater Nr === Ave Maria, === de pardona avera.”

Or, anyone who prays for the souls of William de Bellomonte and Joan his wife will be pardoned.

The bronze plaque, with an English translation of the original French wording that was on the cross. Although two of these plaques remain, the other two have fallen off at some point and become lost.