Coltishall – Railway Tavern

Just to show how rarely I go to Coltishall, the last time I went by the Railway Tavern it looked something like this. It opened just before the First World War, originally known as the New Inn, before becoming known as the Railway Inn and later on the Railway Tavern.

And this is what it looks like now, which is quite sad as I suspect that with the seemingly ever-increasing number of people coming to Coltishall for walking and canoeing that it would likely have been able to be viable once again. I admit it’s at the wrong end of the village for that, but start serving craft beer and it’ll soon attract the hoards…. It closed in 2012, although it remained empty for some time before it was permanently delicensed. It’s a former Morgans, Bullards and then Watley Mann owned pub, before going through a series of pubco owners.

What is interesting is the heritage statement required, primarily relating to the lime kiln behind the building, when planning permission was approved, with the document referring to the planning inspector being “spectacularly wrong” in 1991. It’s an intriguing read….