Birmingham – Tim Hortons

I’ve never been to a Tim Hortons outlet, or at least if I did when I was in Canada, then I’ve forgotten. And what I can’t remember doesn’t count, so I thought I’d experience this little piece of Canadian fast food. There are just shy of 5,000 locations around the world, with 25 or so of those in the UK, where the chain expanded to in 2017. They’re on an expansion plan to put a Tim Horton in every UK city, so there might be a fair few more of them soon.

The chain is known for coffee and doughnuts, something similar to Dunkin Donuts, another chain from the American continent which has started to expand in the UK. There are self-service kiosks that customers can order from if they don’t want to order at the counter, which I decided to use as I didn’t know the menu options. The staff member compiling my order was friendly enough, making conversation whilst he was doing it, so no problems with the customer service.

There’s plenty of seating upstairs and it was a little busier than I had expected. The photo shows the quiet bit of the upstairs as there was a group of older teens engaged in a prayer meeting, which I thought was something a little different. It was clean enough in the seating area and I liked that there were plenty of power points, as well as free wi-fi.

I opted for the chicken strips, potato wedges and the mango & passionfruit cooler as a drink. Although it was after 21:00 when I visited, it was still too bloody hot in Birmingham, so that frozen drink was very delightful. The food was fine, although nothing overly exciting with the chicken strips not being that big and the potato wedges were slightly soggy. But it was still all pleasant enough, although at just over £7 it was a little more than some of their rivals.

I might pop to another outlet at some point in the future to try the doughnuts and coffee, since that’s what the chain is better known for. Although this was something different, I’m not sure that it was sufficiently exciting for me to want to rush back. I was very pleased with the drink though, that was a refreshing and slightly decadent way to finish the meal off.