Attleborough – Pillar

I accept that the title of this post (excuse the unintentional pun) being “pillar” isn’t exactly overly descriptive, but that’s what the listed monuments register calls it. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s certainly good enough for me.

This pillar was installed here in 1856 and it noted on the sides of its top section some of the battles which were fought during the Crimean War. That means that this is one of the few surviving monuments in the country which commemorates this conflict against the Russians, which led to over 20,000 British deaths.

At the base, and visible in the below photos, the column was used as a milestone with distances to various locations around the country. This is in a good state of repair, but I suspect much of that is because a car driver slammed into it in 1983, meaning that some restoration was essential. When it was repaired, it was realised that the monument didn’t have a solid core, but instead the slabs had been placed around a hollow middle section.